A podcast about board games, the community, and all the lovely lovely bits

Welcome to Episode 8 of All the Bits, our ESSEN EXTRAVAGANZA! In this episode, Shaun and Michelle Drive By titles such as Okey Dokey, Tournament at Camelot, Magic Maze, Timeline Challenge, and more! From there, the spotlight is cranked up on the BGG thread titled "Words That Stop Me Reading Further". In our All the Bits bit, we look at Century: Golem Edition and Sagrada. You will be shocked to find out that our Hot Topic is all about the ESSEN! How excited is Michelle for Eseen? Such a measuring scale has yet to be devised. Finally, we get super meta in our Next Up bit! All this and more on Episode 8 of All The Bits!

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Time Stamps

00:01 Intro

01:32 Anniversary Game Bit

03:16 Ask Me Anything Bit

06:11 Guess the Game Bit

11:05 Drive By Bit

40:34 BGG Thread Spotlight Bit: Words That Stop Me Reading Further https://boardgamegeek.com/thread/1666283/words-stop-me-reading-further

46:38 All the Bits Bit

54:20 Hot Topic Bit

1:25 Next Up Bit

About the podcast

A podcast about board games, the community, and all the lovely lovely bits. Join Shaun and Michelle as they discuss all sorts of things in the board game world, spotlight parts of the wonderful board game community, and marvel over the best components hobby boardgamdom has to offer!

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Welcome to Episode 5 of All the Bits, wherein we shower you with bits! New bits (the anniversary game, Guess the Game, and audio unboxings), old bits (Drive Bys, BGG spotlight, All the Bits, Hot Topic, and Next Up!), quite literally, ALL. The. Bits! Games discussed in this episode include ...