A podcast about board games, the community, and all the lovely lovely bits

In our inaugural episode, we discuss recent plays such as Great Western Trail and Coal Baron the Card Game. Then we shine a spotlight on the BGG thread entitled "you might be a Eurogamer if....". In our Next Up segment, we tell you what we are looking forward to getting our grubby little hands on! And finally, in our Hot Topic segment,  we tell you who we are and why we are doing this.... And oh yeah... ALL THE BITS!

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00:30 Drive By: Coal Baron: The Great Card Game

3:00 Drive By: Camel Up & Camel Up Cards

7:10 Drive By: Unlock: Squeek and Sausage

12:17 Drive By: Welcome to the Dungeon

15:15 Drive By: Isle of Skye: From Chieftan to King

19:19 Drive By: Great Western Trail

30:13 Drive By: Mottainai

34:44 Drive By: Eldritch Horror

35:45 BGG Thread Spotlight: You might be a eurogamer if…

41:04 All the Bits: Gingkopolis

44:27 All the Bits: Stonemaier Treasure Chests

49:05 Next Up: Coffee Roaster

51:30 Next Up: Pandemic Legacy Season 1

54:10 Next Up: Okey Dokey

55:50 Next Up: Container JUMBO Edition

58:25 Next Up: Near & Far

1:00:27 Next Up: Mystic Vale: Vale of the Wild

1:02:40 Next Up: Hanamakoji

1:04:44 Hot Topic: A bit about us