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In episode 2, we decide to ask each other some random questions, Drive By games such as Lorenzo il Magnifico, A Feast for Odin, and Kashgar, look at the BGG thread titled "Strangest Reason for Board Game Night to be Canceled", check out the bits of Manhattan Project: Energy Empire and something to carry them in, get rollin' with the Gen Con hype, and discuss how we justify our purchases!

Keep the conversation going....

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03:42 Ask Me Anything

08:27 Drive By: Lorenzo il Magnifico

13:13 Drive By: Unlock: The Formula

16:38 Drive By: Sea of Clouds

20:23 Drive By: Las Vegas The Card Game

25:23 Drive By: A Feast for Odin

30:34 Drive By: Kashgar

*Oh look, just in time to make Shaun look like a fool!


33:35 BGG Thread Spotlight: Strangest Reason for Board Game Night to be Canceled

38:52 All the Bits: Caseling Extra Large Hard Case CAH


43:25 All the Bits: Manhattan Project Energy Empire

46:10 Next Up: Merlin

48:35 Next Up: Wasteland Express Delivery Service 

52:44 Next Up: Legends of Andor

54:50 Next Up: Shaun is going to GENCON!

56:24 Hot Topic: How We Justify Our Purchases 

1:09:54 See you next time!