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In Episode 3, Shaun and Michelle drive by games such as Century Spice Road, Dice Forge, and Raiders of the North Sea. They discuss the BGG thread "how much do you value fancier components?", take a look at the bits from Century Spice Road, and tell you what is hyping them in the Next Up segment. In the Hot Topic, they discuss the Spiel des Jahres awards. Finally, after the show, they introduce the B-Roll segment, which looks at Rory's Story Cubes. 

00:01 Intro

02:57 Ask Me Anything

7:48 Drive By: Century Spice Road

14:11 Drive By: Dice Forge

23:17 Drive By: Raiders of the North Sea

27:57 Drive By: Nations the Dice Game

32:50 Drive By: Coffee Roaster

35:54 Drive By: Linko

37:47 BGG Thread Spotlight: How much do you value fancier components? (note: Michelle didn’t read the results very well so we recommend you check out the thread yourself here. And next time, she’ll prep in advance!)

52:47 All the Bits: Terraforming Mars

58:32 All the Bits: Century Spice Road

1:01:01 Next Up: The Fox in the Forest

1:04:35 Next Up: More GenCon hype

1:09:46 Next Up: Crusaders Thy Will Be Done

1:12:16 Hot Topic: Spiel des Jahres Awards

1:23:21 See you next time!

1:24:27 B-Roll: Using Rory’s Story Cubes for communication