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Welcome to Episode 5 of All the Bits, wherein we shower you with bits! New bits (the anniversary game, Guess the Game, and audio unboxings), old bits (Drive Bys, BGG spotlight, All the Bits, Hot Topic, and Next Up!), quite literally, ALL. The. Bits! Games discussed in this episode include Stop Thief!, Nmbr 9, Ex Libris, Escape Room the Game, Bunny Kingdom, Stuffed Fables, and many more!

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Time Stamps

00:01 Intro

02:00 Anniversary Game Bit

06:47 Ask Me Anything Bit

09:54 Guess the Game Bit

13:12 Drive By Bit (Stop Thief, The Fox in the Forest, Custom Heroes, Nmbr 9)

36:39 BGG Thread Spotlight Bit: Shelving Games (https://www.boardgamegeek.com/thread/1821702/shelving-games-how-do-you-organize-them)

43:51 All the Bits Bit (Ex Libris, Escape Room the Game)

49:52 Unboxing Bits Bit

58:50 Hot Topic Bit: Gen Con vs. Essen

1:08:48 Next Up Bit (Pandemic Legacy Season One, Carnies Bloody Inn Expansion, Meeple Circus, Bunny Kingdom, Stuffed Fables, Imagine)

1:29:21 See you next time!