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Welcome to Episode 7 of All the Bits, wherein we douse you in bits! In this episode, the hosts actually play a bunch of games together!!! We Drive By titles such as Codenames Duet, Unearth, Godfather: Corelone's Empire, Downforce, and Finca. We then shine our BGG thread spotlight on "Do you pay any attention to the starting player rules in rulebooks?". After that stimulating discussion, we check out the BITS in Lords of Xidit and Meduris. In our hot topic, we discuss our favorite play from FallCon 30. And finally, we tell you what we are looking forward to in our Next Up in bit! In addition to all of this discussion, we have our usual interactive bits! Come on and jump aboard the BIT train! CHOO CHOO!

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Time Stamps

00:01 Intro

01:44 Anniversary Game Bit

03:02 Ask Me Anything Bit

06:11 Guess the Game Bit

09:15 Drive By Bit

41:30 BGG Thread Spotlight Bit: Do you pay any attention to the starting player rules in rulebooks? https://boardgamegeek.com/thread/1852438/do-you-pay-any-attention-starting-player-rules-rul

47:23 All the Bits Bit 

54:11 Hot Topic Bit 

1:03 Next Up Bit

1:15 Sizzling Coffee Bit